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Manufacturer Products we Carry

Tools and Hardware

Lumber and hardware are just the beginning. You need quality tools to put it all together.
You’ll find everything you need… from saw blades to sandpaper, screws to nails or every imaginable size. Hammers and screwdrivers share space with power tools and blades.
Plus you will find pneumatic nails, stainless steel screws, various fasteners, Simpson brackets, and builders’ hardware.

BROSCO Mouldings

Brosco is a leading supplier of quality crafted mouldings in a host of profiles.

This page has a sampling of our mouldings offerings. Some mouldings are also available in primed and pvc.

Download "BROSCO Mldg Chart"

Old Village Paints

Old Village Paints offer the classic colors of old New England and primitives.  These high quality paints are produced with the same pride and care that supplied the master furniture makers and builders of a bygone era. Those Masters may have disappeared, but you can still have the same stunning results with Old Village Paints from Pepin Lumber.

Download "old village paints.pdf"